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2019 Seers & Sheers is cancelled


 The Annual Seers & Sheers "Summer Soiree" at Symphony Park!  has been momentarily cancelled for the 2019 summer session. We apologize to our loyal and consistent supporters for the inconvenience and we promise that we shall return to give Charlotte the best summer concert festival experience while raising funds for scholarships and the youth in our community.

For anyone who purchased advanced tickets for the cancelled Seers & Sheers event will have the option of a full refund or to transfer their tickets to the "Ladi Dadi" event ticket and receive a $15 refund.

Ladi Dadi Production, LLC. will be subletting the June 8th date from Queen City Omega’s and is planning “Ladi Dadi In The Park”, an ole' school concert extravaganza.    


Ladi Dadi in the Park


Ladi  Dadi Production LLC. has been building its brand for the past five or  six years, hosting hugely successful events during CIAA, NCA&T  homecoming and most recently the NBA Allstar weekend. Ladi Dadi  Production, LLC. will be subletting the June 8th date from Queen City Omega’s and is planning “Ladi Dadi In The Park”, an ole school concert.   

As  Queen City Omegas are investors in this event, we are asking all patrons and supporters to support the event with attendance, ticket sales, and  sponsorship to help make the event a success.   

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Seers & Sheers Survival Guide



Not saying we are the biggest, but we are saying we're the best!

A weekend of partying with the Ques can leave you definitely worse for wear.  This year’s event will be held in July, which promises to be extremely hot, use these tips to make your experience more pleasurable.

  • HYDRATE: Drink plenty of water, Gatorade, Power-Ade, coconut water and electrolytes before Saturday’s event to avoid dehydration
  • HYDRATE During the event: Continue drinking water as you enjoy the festivities to avoid dehydration
  • Wear light, breathable loose fitting clothing
  • Bring a hat and sun shades to block the sun
  • Bring sunscreen
  • Eat a light meal/snack prior to the event or purchase food at the event to avoid feeling weak
  • Drink “spirits” in moderation, especially while sun is high
  • Bring a lawn chair to sit when needed
  • Bring a small personal umbrella to block the sun (Please, no extremely large umbrellas that may block the view of others)
  • Take all required medication as directed.
  • If you feel hot, over heated, weak or dizzy notify someone,  find some shade, take a seat and drink water and/or find an EMT Medical Station

Queen City Omegas Mission



Queen City Omegas is the fundraising arm of our organization and is dedicated to supporting the many charitable and scholarship endeavors of Pi Phi Chapter. In an effort to serve the community Queen City Omegas produces and organizes various events throughout the year to raise the necessary funds for our programs. 

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