Meet the performers!


Queen City Omegas present Comedy Night Live

 Join us for "A Midsummer's Comedy Dream-Straight From Comedian Bruce-Bruce's Team". 

 Licita "Sweet Baby Kita" Cromer is Headlining this comedy show and has a long list of show business accolades. She's guaranteed to be a laff' riot!

 Also, a special guest Feature comedian to be announced at a later date!
Your Master of Ceremonies "TITO" will set the stage for the night's festivities and the "Coldest man in the land" DJ 06 is spinning the hits before, during and after the show!

Meet the performers!

Comedian "Sweet Baby Kita"

 Licita "Sweet Baby Kita" Cromer , a native of Spartanburg SC, female  comedian, currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia, has been making  audiences laugh professionally for over ten years, has continued to make  everyone she comes in contact with in life laugh. Charismatic,  hilarious, creative, and contagious like the Chicken Pox, and able to  adjust to any situation, are some of the terms used when describing her  "one of a kind talent". Not only will she tickle your funny bone with  her jokes, she will marvel you as an actress, gracefully sing  unforgettable melodies, and engage any audience with her distinct voice  and energy as an emcee.

Licita is a gifted comedic storyteller  who worked in corporate America for many years, was constantly told  daily, how funny she was and how she made others day more bearable with  her jokes. After hearing she should be a comedian so often, she decided  to start writing jokes for other comics, but they simply could not  deliver her jokes with the same finesse and laughability. So she turned  in her corporates badge, and decided to take a gigantic leap of faith,  and do what she was born to do which is to entertain others with her  comedy. She considers it an absolute blessing to live your dream daily,  and have no regrets.

"Sweet Baby Kita" is very versatile, and  although she desires stardom and a more popular platform to be featured  on, she is very humble, and continues to perform, weekly at various  venues Casinos, Churches, Family reunions and birthday celebrations. To  add to her repertoire, she is also a Christian Comedian because as she  states, "...even God agrees that laughter is the good for the soul".

She  is an "in your face comedian," who has been compared to the likes of  the greats such as Adele Givens, Sheryl Underwood, Tiffany Haddish, and  Sommore, and who appeals to all audiences, from children to the elderly,  so yes she will do daycare, and nursing home shows

She  can be seen performing monthly at the following Comedy Clubs im around  Atlanta: Uptown Comedy, Punchline, Atlanta Improv, and many others  venues. Sweet Baby Kita was also 1 of 10 Comedians chosen nationally,  out of 52 Comedians, by the USO East Coast, to compete to be chosen for a  world tour with the USO and Military.


"Sweet Baby Kita"




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Comedian "Sweet Baby Kita"

Comedian "Sweet Baby Kita"

Meet "DJ '06"


Joey Davis aka "DJ '06"


At the age of 16, Joseph Davis discovered his passion. Music. Being raised in a home where the Radio played in the Morning while dressing for school to music is the way to wind down and go to sleep. However, Music in the State of West Virginia was a bit delayed until Joseph became good friends with a neighbor and Disk Jockey Mike Dean from New York City. This friendship was the birth and exposure to 1200 Technic Turntables and The Popular Mixtapes from Nationally known Dj’s like Kid Capri, Biz Markie, Jazzy Jeff, Ron G and Many more. Late Night Sessions resulted in resembling the mixing techniques of these great deejays. Joseph was very fond of the mash-up style of taking two totally different songs and merging them together to have one seamless and ear-pleasing sound. Where music started as a hobby in 1990, it started to take shape as an early career in college. Joseph aka Dj06 became a disk jockey on the campus radio station of Marshall University. 88.1 FM WMUL. Deejaying many campus events and expanding to a local club Club 2000 in Huntington WVa. Graduating from College at Marshall University and Moving to Charlotte NC in 1995 Joseph purchased a home and unknowingly neighbored a popular Deejay that was also a radio personality for the local radio station V101.9 WBAV were Joseph is currently employed. 

Joey’s top 5 Artists Of All Time: Anita Baker, Glenn Jones, Beyonce, Jay Z, and Notorious B.I.G.

Besides performing all over the Southeast you can hear him do his thing on V101.9. His Mix Show Times: The Uptown Saturday Mix Show with DJ06 each and every Saturday night from 7 - 9 PM

Social Media Links: @DJ06NCHARLOTTE on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.