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Queen City Omegas present Comedy Night Live


 Join us Friday, November 29th  for our monthly Comedy Night.  A great opportunity to get your laugh on in a clean and safe environment. Grab your girls and your fellas' and come out for a great time with the Ques! Also, immediately following the show stay around and party with the Ques ! 

(After-Party Included with ticket purchase).

Headlining Comedian Caszell Williams
Featuring Comedian Toron Rodgers

Introducing Kim-Ber-Ly
Hosted by Tito
Music Entertainment by DJ 06 

Headliner: Comedian Caszell Williams

Additional Information

Memphis Tennessee native, Comedian Caszel Williams has been a fixture in the Comedy scene since 1996. His comedy career began as a dare from a co-worker, many thought Caszel Williams, and this time someone was willing to bet on it.  The wager was set at $50, daring Caszell to go on stage, by entering the Open Mic Contest. He won the contest and the rest is history.  Caszell got such a rush of adrenaline from performing that the stage became addictive. Crumpy’s Comedy Night was the start of a new life and profession.  He marks September 16th 1996 as his comedic birth date. Comedian Caszel Williams has shared the stage with some          Comedic Greats. 

Venues he has performed:

·  The Comedy House                       Columbia SC  

· Looney Bin                                      Memphis,TN  

· Funnybone Comedy Club             Tunica Ms 

· Comedy Zone                                 Crumpys Comedy Club 

· Bartlett Comedy Spot                     Jazz & Jokes 

and many others all over the country.    


Comedian Caszel Williams works primarily as a headlining act, is but also available for feature spots. His southern style and down home delivery takes you “back in the day”, on a trip you will not ever forget. Known as   Mr. Tripping & Trucking he will take you on a unique journey ride from his point of view. Ambition Is Priceless.


Comedian Caszell Williams

Comedian Caszell Williams

Comedian Caszell Williams

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Comedian, Writer and Producer Toron Rodgers


About Toron. . .

 Toron Rodgers was born 1975 in Williamston, North Carolina, at Martin  General Hospital. He attended Rodgers Elementary and then moved on to  Bear Grass High School. After graduating 1993 he attended Pitt Community  College majoring in Business Computer Programming. After a year of  college he left school and worked full time in a yarn factory in  Washington, North Carolina, as a janitor. In 1998 Toron saw more  opportunity in Raleigh, North Carolina in the field of construction. He  worked as general carpenter for a construction that specialized in  remodeling hospitals and colleges. On a whim in 2000 Toron moved to  Omaha, Nebraska to connect with some friends he met online that were  writing scripts and this is where he started writing and creating  concepts for television and film. He paid his by working for Old Navy as  a customer service sales associate. Before leaving Nebraska in 2003,  Toron met Jody who he married one year later after they moved back to  Raleigh, North Carolina. During this time he continued writing and  creating. He worked with the family construction company, Rodgers'  Construction. In September of 2005 his first child Jaiden Toron Rodgers  was born at Rex Hospital in Raleigh, North Carolina. Months later Toron  and Jody separated where Jody and Jaiden moved back to Nebraska and they  divorced in 2007. Toron moved back to Nebraska for a short period of  time to be with his son. A year later he had to move back to North  Carolina. Since then Toron makes a trip to Omaha every year to see  Jaiden. In 2008 Toron put to together his first cast to shoot a short  film for a BET film contest that they finished but never submitted. In  2009 driven by the death of his stepfather, Theodore Boston Jr. he  created a stage play that was shown for the first time at, Cedar Hill  Baptist Church in Williamston, North Carolina. In 2011 Toron  incorporated Nine25 Productions and in this same year he began to shoot  and direct music videos and short films. In 2012 he met Denisha Baines  who became his wife in 2015. Toron lives in Knightdale, North Carolina  with wife Denisha and two stepdaughters Aziya and Aniah.  

Comedian, Writer and Producer Toron Rodgers

Toron Rodgers Production Company Project


Comedian Kim-Ber-Ly

Comedian Kim-Ber-Ly is making her QCO Comedy Night Live Debut! She comes from an entertainment background and has comedy in her blood. She brings a new and fresh spin on today's trending topics and we are so glad she decided to give us a a preview of what's to come! 

Meet "DJ '06"


Joey Davis aka "DJ '06"


At the age of 16, Joseph Davis discovered his passion. Music. Being raised in a home where the Radio played in the Morning while dressing for school to music is the way to wind down and go to sleep. However, Music in the State of West Virginia was a bit delayed until Joseph became good friends with a neighbor and Disk Jockey Mike Dean from New York City. This friendship was the birth and exposure to 1200 Technic Turntables and The Popular Mixtapes from Nationally known Dj’s like Kid Capri, Biz Markie, Jazzy Jeff, Ron G and Many more. Late Night Sessions resulted in resembling the mixing techniques of these great deejays. Joseph was very fond of the mash-up style of taking two totally different songs and merging them together to have one seamless and ear-pleasing sound. Where music started as a hobby in 1990, it started to take shape as an early career in college. Joseph aka Dj06 became a disk jockey on the campus radio station of Marshall University. 88.1 FM WMUL. Deejaying many campus events and expanding to a local club Club 2000 in Huntington WVa. Graduating from College at Marshall University and Moving to Charlotte NC in 1995 Joseph purchased a home and unknowingly neighbored a popular Deejay that was also a radio personality for the local radio station V101.9 WBAV were Joseph is currently employed. 

Joey’s top 5 Artists Of All Time: Anita Baker, Glenn Jones, Beyonce, Jay Z, and Notorious B.I.G.

Besides performing all over the Southeast you can hear him do his thing on V101.9. His Mix Show Times: The Uptown Saturday Mix Show with DJ06 each and every Saturday night from 7 - 9 PM

Social Media Links: @DJ06NCHARLOTTE on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.