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Queen City Omegas present Comedy Night Live







Headliner: Comedian Barbara Carlyle

About Barbara Carlyle . . .


Barbara has been doing comedy for 40 years! Her comedic skills are so  carefully honed that she leaves audiences in stitches wherever she  goes. But comedy hasn’t always been her only contribution to society.

Barbara has appeared on Apollo Comedy Hour, Def Jam, Comic View, Comic Xscape, just to name a few.

Carlyle did a short stint in the Marine Corps (cause she was looking  for a few good men) and tried her hand at teaching for a short while.

40 years and a stool starring Barbara CarlyleA  stickler for detail, she can speed read an audience and know exactly  where to take her jokes. Hecklers think twice about testing her skills  cause this young lady takes no prisoners and die hard wannabes fall prey  to her vicious tongue.

Carlyle has performed in Germany, The Netherlands, England, the  Virgin Islands (trying to be a born again virgin) and other exotic  places. Carlyle has one daughter and several baby daddies. You do the  math. Her aim in life is to leave an indelible mark in the world of  comedy.


Headliner: Comedian Barbara Carlyle

Headliner: Comedian Barbara Carlyle

Feature Comedian Mookie Smith


About Mookie Smith . . .

 The feature comedian is up and coming comedian, Mookie Smith. This young man is steadily building his  reputation as a stellar comedian. His lively and energetic brand of comedy is sure to be a hit with every audience!  

Meet "DJ '06"


Joey Davis aka "DJ '06"


At the age of 16, Joseph Davis discovered his passion. Music. Being raised in a home where the Radio played in the Morning while dressing for school to music is the way to wind down and go to sleep. However, Music in the State of West Virginia was a bit delayed until Joseph became good friends with a neighbor and Disk Jockey Mike Dean from New York City. This friendship was the birth and exposure to 1200 Technic Turntables and The Popular Mixtapes from Nationally known Dj’s like Kid Capri, Biz Markie, Jazzy Jeff, Ron G and Many more. Late Night Sessions resulted in resembling the mixing techniques of these great deejays. Joseph was very fond of the mash-up style of taking two totally different songs and merging them together to have one seamless and ear-pleasing sound. Where music started as a hobby in 1990, it started to take shape as an early career in college. Joseph aka Dj06 became a disk jockey on the campus radio station of Marshall University. 88.1 FM WMUL. Deejaying many campus events and expanding to a local club Club 2000 in Huntington WVa. Graduating from College at Marshall University and Moving to Charlotte NC in 1995 Joseph purchased a home and unknowingly neighbored a popular Deejay that was also a radio personality for the local radio station V101.9 WBAV were Joseph is currently employed. 

Joey’s top 5 Artists Of All Time: Anita Baker, Glenn Jones, Beyonce, Jay Z, and Notorious B.I.G.

Besides performing all over the Southeast you can hear him do his thing on V101.9. His Mix Show Times: The Uptown Saturday Mix Show with DJ06 each and every Saturday night from 7 - 9 PM

Social Media Links: @DJ06NCHARLOTTE on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.