Meet the performers!

Comedian MOKA, The Duchess of Comedy

Comedian  MOKA delivers comedy in a manner that everyone is able to enjoy! IShe considers her comedy to be  sassy, raw and improvisational. That's right "real life"  comedy! She helps you see the hilarity of everyday life even serious  issues .

Hailing from the “Glass City Capital of the World,” Toledo, Ohio,  comedian MoKa is one of the fastest rising female comedians on the  comedy circuit her style of comedy is raw, sassy and improvisational. In  2013 MoKa was awarded Ohio’s Funniest Female of the Year.

MoKa graduated from the University of Toledo with a Master Degree in  Social Work. She’s also the proud mother of two teenage sons who keeps  her inspired and loaded with fresh and hilarious material.

Moka’s dream of being a comedian began in 2000 when she was forced to  host her mother’s 50th Birthday party due to the person they hired was  turning the party into a library. Once she got a taste of the stage she  knew making others happy through laughter was what she was meant to do.

She has a large following in her hometown of Toledo Ohio, and has  worked with some of the Hottest Comedians in the country  such as Tracy  Morgan, Bruce Bruce, Rickey Smiley, Corey Holcomb, Aries Spears and  Luenell just to name a few .

She has performed across the country at Comedy clubs such as
Funny Bones, Broadway Comedy Club, Coco’s House of Comedy, The J Spot, The Comedy Store and the Stranahan Theater.

If gut slitting laughter is what you seek and you want a great comedy  experience, look out for Comedian MoKa. She is educated, highly  intelligent, sexy, and most of all “Hella Funny”, and she is the latest  up and coming female comedian to make her mark in the Comedy Game!


Comedian MOKA

Comedian MOKA

Comedian Ken Jones

Comedian Ken Jones


Ken  Jones, stand up comedian with candid commentary on relationships,  family, and other informal stuff for all to hear. Formally trained with a  series of comedy workshops, his energetic sets have landed him gigs in  the Philadelphia Tri-State area, across the country and
with Michael Blackson. Dedicated to the growth of his career since its  start, he travels and performs wherever he can, for whomever he can. He  even started his own monthly “Jus Laughs” comedy show to ensure that his  dreams have a stage.

His flame was sparked once he saw Martin Lawrence’s first comedy  special “You So Crazy”. He went to school everyday imitating Martin’s  performance and entertaining his peers. This earned him the yearbook  title of class clown. Ken started comedy classes to help him develop his  sense of funny that had been brewing his whole life. You can always  find him at an open mic or show cultivating his skills.

Looking to achieve his goals, Ken does something to nurture his  comedy career everyday. He’s performed in rooms ranging from 12 people  to sold out stadiums in varying cities. “Jus Laughs” was started to help  build his fan base and offer comedy to those who may have never been  exposed. Persistently raising awareness about the stirring comedy scene  in Philadelphia, he hopes to become one of the greatest comics to ever  touch a mic and the world


Comedian Ken Jones

Meet "DJ '06"


Joey Davis aka "DJ '06"


At the age of 16, Joseph Davis discovered his passion. Music. Being raised in a home where the Radio played in the Morning while dressing for school to music is the way to wind down and go to sleep. However, Music in the State of West Virginia was a bit delayed until Joseph became good friends with a neighbor and Disk Jockey Mike Dean from New York City. This friendship was the birth and exposure to 1200 Technic Turntables and The Popular Mixtapes from Nationally known Dj’s like Kid Capri, Biz Markie, Jazzy Jeff, Ron G and Many more. Late Night Sessions resulted in resembling the mixing techniques of these great deejays. Joseph was very fond of the mash-up style of taking two totally different songs and merging them together to have one seamless and ear-pleasing sound. Where music started as a hobby in 1990, it started to take shape as an early career in college. Joseph aka Dj06 became a disk jockey on the campus radio station of Marshall University. 88.1 FM WMUL. Deejaying many campus events and expanding to a local club Club 2000 in Huntington WVa. Graduating from College at Marshall University and Moving to Charlotte NC in 1995 Joseph purchased a home and unknowingly neighbored a popular Deejay that was also a radio personality for the local radio station V101.9 WBAV were Joseph is currently employed. 

Joey’s top 5 Artists Of All Time: Anita Baker, Glenn Jones, Beyonce, Jay Z, and Notorious B.I.G.

Besides performing all over the Southeast you can hear him do his thing on V101.9. His Mix Show Times: The Uptown Saturday Mix Show with DJ06 each and every Saturday night from 7 - 9 PM

Social Media Links: @DJ06NCHARLOTTE on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.